My Own 2 Hands is a Makerspace for Everyone!

Are you passionate about creating something that is unique, customized, or handmade? Do you value quality craftsmanship versus spending money on something that is mass produced? Would you create and build more frequently if you just had the right environment, greater access to tools, or ability to enhance your existing knowledge?

In a world where craftsmanship has taken a backseat to mass production, we help individuals break out of the “big box.” We believe you should have the freedom to make a project or repair something without having to purchase a tool you may not use regularly. We believe your desire to create shouldn’t be limited by the hassle of storing tools or projects while in progress, or inconvenience of keeping your garage or workspace free from sawdust and scraps. We believe the pursuit of your passion shouldn’t be a solitary or lonely experience.


we Provide


We know you can! Experience the pride of making something yourself.

The Space

No work space or garage? Tired of keeping your work space clean? No problem! We have a spacious, well-lit, and clean facility ready when you are.

The Tools

We have a full complement of professional grade tools which you may need for your projects.


From the beginning of an idea all the way through finishing, onsite mentors are available to help as much or as little as you need. You can also choose from a variety of classes each month.


We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a project and run out of materials. Use ours or bring your own – onsite retail with commonly used project materials.

Unlimited Creativity

Big or small, functional or aesthetic, you can work on any project you desire. There is no “catalog” of projects from which you must choose. Don’t know where to start? Browse for inspiration at our idea bar!

Come join us and find out what you’ll make with your own 2 hands!