Are you a professional contractor or small business owner whose livelihood is tied to creating customized projects for your clients? Is too much of your profit soaked up by the cost of equipment or the ongoing cost of maintaining a workspace? Are you passionate about delivering quality craftsmanship to your clients while keeping an eye on your bottom line?

We believe you can have the best of both worlds. We believe you should have access to professional grade tools and project storage, all while reducing your overhead costs. We have a program just for you!


we Provide


You can save money and make savvy business decisions without sacrificing quality.

The Space

We have a spacious, well-lit, and clean facility ready when you are. And you have access to project storage* where you can store projects while they’re in progress.

The Tools

Access to a full complement of professional grade tools from our partner, Grizzly Industrial.

Extended Access

You work hard, and we want to help you meet your commitments. If needed, we can arrange for extended access beyond our normal business hours for you and up to 4 employees.


We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a project and run out of materials. Use ours or bring your own. We offer onsite retail with commonly used project materials for your convenience.

*Project storage is for limited durations and additional costs apply

Are you a Professional Contractor, or do work for professional purposes?

We have a great business to help you fulfill the needs of your clients.

Grow your business while limiting your overhead costs.

Promotional pricing and discounted offers do not apply.

Let us help connect the dots.