Our Story

We were like many of you. We had a project in mind but didn’t have the right tools for the job. If only there was a solution . . . read on!


We recently bought and settled into our first home together. The room we selected to serve as our home office did not have doors, which proved challenging when either of us worked from home. Instead of traditional doors we opted for barn doors. We determined that we would install the doors ourselves, ordered the hardware, and then began searching for the doors themselves.


The problem? Our opening was taller and more narrow than standard sized doors. An exhaustive search revealed that custom doors were jaw-droppingly expensive. Jeff determined that he could make the doors, and while he had the ability and a robust supply of hand tools, he lacked a table saw, outflow table, router, planer, and the multitude of clamps that would be necessary to complete the project. Luckily, a friend who is a professional contractor agreed to let Jeff use his workshop to complete the barn doors. A week later, we had the exact doors we wanted – at 20% of the cost!


After finishing our doors, we kept finding more projects that would be better off done DIY, so we kept working and created two more amazing pieces.

  • An outdoor entertainment server from Pottery Barn, too wide for our space, and custom built by Jeff at 10% of the cost
  • An elegant headboard discovered on Pinterest, too expensive for our newlywed daughter and son-in-law, and custom built by her at a third of the cost

Besides the economics, there is a certain amount of pride that comes with creating something unique. This got us thinking. We couldn’t be the only people that would want or need to create and build rather than buy something. We looked for something in Denver that might provide the space and tools where someone could bring in their own project but came up empty-handed. So, the idea for this business began to grow.

And now you know how the desire for barn doors became My Own 2 Hands! We’re glad you’re here!

Come join us and find out what you’ll make with your own 2 hands!