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Beer Caddy

For the beer lover in your life, this is a super cool caddy for activities on the go or for entertaining on your back patio. You'll learn tips to ensure long-lasting, sturdy construction. They'll be impressed that you made it with your own 2 hands!

Besties Night Out

Celebrate your friendship with a set of picture frames - perfect for showing off the fun times and great memories you have together!

Colorado Flag

Show off your Centennial State pride and even customize this Colorado Flag to your personal style, all with the guided help of an instructor.

Create Your Own Pet Bed

In this class you will make a custom frame for your pet’s bed, with your own personal style. Show your sweet pup, cat, or other adorable pet how much you love them by building the most stylish bed frame around!

Date Night: Interlocking Shelves

Independent and together - just like you! You will each make half of a shelving unit that comes together beautifully!

Date Night: Salt vs. Pepper

Shake up Date Night! This month, bring in your date and have fun creating a custom salt shaker and pepper mill.

Entry Shelf

Nothing says "Welcome Home" like a fun and functional shelf to put jackets, keys, dog leashes, mail, and for showing off your DIY skills!

Mountain Shelves

Bring the mountains into your home with this fun shelf! Come make this unique accessory for your home and customize it to match your personal style. You’ll get rave reviews and serious bragging rights!

Phone Stand

Make a unique and helpful phone stand to give you a true hands-free experience! Perfect for when you're following a recipe, listening to music, charging, or just making sure you remember where you put it!

Seasonal Shelving

Celebrate the changing seasons in your home with this custom wall shelf. Built in is a removable back panel designed to personalize for the holidays, the changing seasons, or any occasion or mood.

Wine Shelf

Make this stylish shelf to display your wine and stemware. Perfect as a gift or as an addition to your home. You will learn how to make this beautiful and sturdy shelf, and have the ability to customize. They'll be impressed you made it with your own 2 hands!

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