Create Your Own Pet Bed

Show your sweet pup, cat, or other adorable pet how much you love them by building the most stylish bed frame around!


Class Description

Animal lovers will create a personalized bed for their fur-baby. In this class you will make a custom frame for your pet’s bed, with your own personal style. Show your sweet pup, cat, or other adorable pet how much you love them by building the most stylish bed frame around!


Note: Everyone’s pet has different bedding needs and you have your own unique style. We will help you create the perfect frame, and we’ll leave it to your excellent taste to provide the perfect bed to sit inside.


Prices vary based on bed size, and all prices include the cost of materials.

Small – up to 20 lbs.     Medium – up to 40 lbs.

Large – up to 80 lbs.     X-Large – up to 110 lbs.

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Class Info

Class Duration

4 hours


S - $99 Pay Now / $109 Pay Day Of
M - $109 Pay Now / $120 Pay Day Of
L - $144 Pay Now / $158 Pay Day Of
XL - $169 Pay Now / $186 Pay Day Of
Includes the cost of materials
25% Discount for Members

Skills Learned

Table Saw, Bandsaw, Sanders

Finished Piece

Materials Used: Quality Hard Wood & Plywood
Finished Size: Varies

Challenge Level:

This class is suitable for Beginners

Projects are more fun with friends. Share this class with someone who would enjoy it so they can reserve a spot too!


Special Instructions

Minimum Number of Attendees: A minimum of 3 attendees is needed for this class; we reserve the right to re-schedule or cancel this class if necessary.


This class is around 4 hours long. We will have breaks if needed so bring water or a snack if you’d like. We provide safety glasses, dust masks, and ear plugs however, feel free to bring your own if you have any of these items.

Do: Wear close toed shoes.
Do: Wear a hair tie or hat if you have longer hair.
Don’t: Wear loose or baggy clothing or anything that drapes away from your person.
Don’t: Wear long necklaces or jewelry.
Price includes cost of materials. Pictures provided as an example. Actual project may vary.

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