Meet the amazing team behind My Own 2 Hands!


Andy Lesuer

Work can and should be fun!

Andy has always been a passionate tinkerer with an insatiable curiosity for how things work. He is a math and science nerd with a strong mechanical inclination. He has enjoyed spending the last 10 years as an artist and craftsman in hands-on creative disciplines including fine woodworking, jewelry making/metal-smithing, machine design, and tool-making.

Andy has instructed college level fine woodworking classes for the past 7 years. His specialties include acoustic guitar making, inlay, veneering/marquetry, bending/laminating, CAD/CAM/CNC, hand tools, antique reproduction, finishing, furniture, and sculpture.

Andy takes tremendous pride and pleasure in sharing the 'secrets' of the craft. Always drawn to the unconventional or unique, Andy loves a challenge, lives to problem-solve, and enjoys blurring the line between art and science.

Michael Morris

It's not a mistake, it's a design opportunity!

Owning a home is what put Michael Morris on a path to woodworking. A born do-it-yourselfer, if something needed to be done for his home, he would take it upon himself to do it. As time went on, his tools and interest in woodworking multiplied. Then came a tipping point where he thought, "If I'm going to do this, I should learn how to do it the right way."

In the spring of 2016, Michael graduated from Red Rocks Community College with an associate's degree in Fine Woodworking. His focus has been custom furniture, but he is currently pursuing the art world with wood being his primary medium.

Michael enjoys spending his free time with his wife and cat, and playing his self-built acoustic guitar.

Chris Petrie

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

Chris is a qualified Fine Woodworker, Joiner and Wood Machinist from Leicester, England. After leaving school Chris worked in the restaurant and bar industry, in and around his native Leicester. By his mid-twenties, Chris decide he wanted to pursue his more creative instincts honed through years of avid DIY-ing.

A small side job with a friend’s carpentry company grew into a passion for woodworking of all types but particularly furniture.

This led to Chris completing a 2 Year City and Guilds Diploma in Fine Woodworking from the Building Crafts College in Stratford, London, where he also gained qualifications in bench joinery and wood machining.

Outside of the workshop Chris is a huge sports fan, particularly "proper" football, and since living in Colorado has become a dedicated Rockies fan. Chris lives in Lakewood with wife Kate, Poppy the cat, and Pepper the Dachshund Cross.

Nathan Smith

Work smarter, not harder.

Nathan has been woodworking on and off for many years between stints in the the start-up and corporate worlds.

A problem solver and tinkerer through-and-through, he feels up for any task or challenge. Most days in the wood shop he can be found at the lathe or sanding. Always sanding.

He's an avid traveler and weekend warrior. On weekends, or any day he's not in the wood shop, he's most likely in the mountains with his wonderful girlfriend, Anna.

Client Experience Specialists

Lauren Jakopec

If you want something done right - DIY!

Lauren is a fitness instructor and coach by trade. She currently teaches indoor cycling classes, coaches club volleyball, and provides online and in person fitness and nutrition programs.

Lauren loves surfing through Pinterest and finding the cutest DIY projects to create. She loves finding ways to save money on home furnishings and decor by making something old new again or building it yourself.

Lauren’s favorite things are spending time with her husband and two dopey dogs, teaching cycling classes, and enjoying any amount of time outdoors.

Cassandra Zook

Every artist was first an amateur.

Originally from a small town in Kansas, but with a love for the mountains, Cassie graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with her BFA in Painting. She currently has a live/work artist apartment with the 40 West Arts District where she paints.

After college, she found her second passion – woodworking. She loves helping people get creative and make things they didn’t know possible!

She is also known for Parks & Rec quotes, is an avid movie watcher, and has a terrible appreciation for puns.


Jeff Hahn

There’s a solution for everything!

After spending over 20 years in Corporate America as a senior leader of Engineering, IT, technical care, and operations teams, it was time to pursue a new passion.

Jeff now helps others solve their “DIY How To” problems. He is a creative thought leader and problem solver who believes there’s a solution for everything.

Jeff is happiest when spending time with Trista and their 95 lb. German Shepherd, Duke.

Trista Smith

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Trista spent over 20 years in Corporate America as a senior leader across a variety of industries including banking, transportation, global call centers, and media & technology.

Trista now spends her energy empowering others in their quest for fun, unique, and customized DIY solutions.

Trista’s favorite things are spending time with Jeff, reading a good book, and their 95 lb. German Shepherd, Duke.


Where my people go, so do I!

After spending 4 years in the back yard or at Doggie Daycare, Duke loves having a job to go to!

He is passionate about having his people throw a ball or frisbee, he loves belly rubs from his Mom, and shadows his Dad no matter where he goes. Duke feels absolute bliss as long as he is with Jeff or Trista.

He loves having friends visit him at MO2H every day!

Come join us and find out what you’ll make with your own 2 hands!