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My Own 2 Hands won Westword's Best of Denver 2019's "Best New Community Makerspace." "Who knows what humans could build with their own two hands if only they had the space? And the tools? And maybe a few maker-friendly tips? All three are available under one roof at the well-named My Own 2 Hands, continue reading My Own 2 Hands was featured on CBS Denver on January 3rd, 2019. LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – A do-it-yourself enthusiast in Colorado saw the need to create a space for people to take on projects with the equipment and expertise they require but can’t make room for in their own homes, so he launched My Own 2 Hands. The continue reading
From the Littleton Independent Sure, this may be the do-it-yourself era, but DIY starts to feel a little silly once you start adding up the cost of buying a woodshop's worth of power tools to build a couple chairs or a shelf. That's where My Own Two Hands Makerspace, due to open in mid-September at 250 E. continue reading


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