my own 2 Cents

Referral Rewards

We want to say thank you to any of our clients who help us spread the word about My Own 2 Hands!


If you have used our space whether as a member, just for a day, or taken a class you can get awesome rewards! When you refer someone who becomes a client you can get money to use for yourself in our space. Simply tell your referral to provide your name at the time of sign up and we will  take it from there.

  • Eligibility:  Anyone who has ever directly paid to use the space including classes, day use, or membership.  Participants in events or group activities may not be eligible if they did not personally pay for the activity.
  • Account credited 30-45 days after referred client purchase.
  • Referrer must inform MO2H how they wish to use the credit.  Does not automatically apply to recurring charges.
  • No limit to number of referrals
  • Account must be in good standing for credit to be used.
  • Program may be discontinued or altered at the sole discretion of MO2H

Come join us and find out what you’ll make with your own 2 hands!